catch the moment: week 4

I’m just gonna say it. I was a super lazy picture-taker this week. I knew it the whole time and felt bad about it, knowing I’d be really mad at myself as I was putting this post together. I was only taking pictures for the sake of getting it out of the way. But it’s been a rather busy, kinda crappy, stressful, not-feeling-the-pictures sort of week.  Everything is okay and I really shouldn’t complain. Even when life is not awesome, it’s still pretty great. I got to see my mom, grandma, aunt, uncle, and in-laws over the weekend. It’s always comforting to be surrounded by family!

I am just thankful for having NO measurable snow (just a couple very light dustings…knocking on wood so hard right now) so far this year, and almost no sickness for the month of January. FIVE HUNDRED times better than how we were doing this time a year ago, when we were all super sick with the flu (thanks to timehop for reminding me of that little tidbit).  So yeah, you’d think my pictures would have been better, because I really don’t have an excuse. Anyway, here’s a collection of 7 of the crappiest pictures I will post all year (I hope).

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022/365: Thursday, January 22nd. I cringe looking at how terrible this picture is. Hey, I was busy trying to help in this “parent participation” basketball practice…since you know, half the parents’ “participation” is sitting in a chair and not assisting their 3 and 4 year olds whatsoever. 01-22-2015

023/365: Friday, January 23rd. HAPPY MAIL! I was really excited to get my beach vacation photo book in the mail. 01-23-2015

024/365: Saturday, January 24th. We traveled about 70 miles east to spend the day with my relatives and ended up here for a couple of hours. I was too busy helping and supervising the kids – and yep, other people’s kids too – to worry about taking many pictures. Disregard the fact that the kids were in CONSTANT motion, making it pretty impossible anyway. I feel sad that I didn’t get a picture of my grandma with the boys but I never really had the right combination of opportunity + lighting.  I’m just going to have to suck it up and turn on the flash sometimes.  Having pictures of people I love should be way more important than having the perfect shot. As evidenced by each photo this week – the perfect shot was clearly not my priority at all this week.  01-24-2015

025/365: Sunday, January 25th. Not really sure why it would appear that I only have one child this week, as every photo of a human is of Theo, but anyway. This is what he gave me when I asked him to sit next to the Duplo creation we built together.01-25-2015

026/365: Monday, January 26th. Because gas prices that low need to be remembered!01-26-2015

027/365: Tuesday, January 27th. Dexter likes dressing Batman in different suits. 01-27-2015

028/365: Wednesday, January 28th. Because I forgot to take a picture when it was fresh out of the oven and looking much more appealing…here’s our leftover barbecue chicken pizza.  It doesn’t look so delicious here, but I swear. It was.  01-28-2015Thank goodness…I made it through writing this post. I promise, I will try to do better next week!! Which picture do you think is the least terrible and boring? I choose…. um….?  Batman?





catch the moment: week 3

Week three: Done. We’re well into 2015 now and I still find myself hitting 2-0-1-4 over and over at work. Have you adjusted yet?

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015/365: Thursday, January 15th. I took advantage of the deserted road and snapped this on my way home from work.


016/365: Friday, January 16th. We had friends over for dinner and the boys enjoyed giving each other “check-ups.”  Everyone’s blood pressure was really good but unfortunately, shots had to be administered all the way around.01-16-2015

017/365: Saturday, January 17th.  The boys tried ice skating for the first time! {Planning} (I cringe as I type that, knowing that my ‘plans’ to blog about various things lately have not really worked out) on writing more about their lack of effort when trying new things. 01-17-2015

018/365: Sunday, January 18th. My cousin and her little cousin were visiting. Typical weekend scene around my house…Lego messes everywhere you look!01-18-2015

019/365: Monday, January 19th. The same stretch of road on my way home from work Monday afternoon. Apparently I forgot that I took a picture in the same area but oh well…I wanted to remember this glorious 50 degree winter day.  Such surprising, unseasonable, happy-making, beautiful weather!01-19-2015

020/365: Tuesday, January 20th. My new obsession…these yogurt covered pretzels from the bulk bins at Fresh Thyme.  Maybe not the healthiest snack, but after 45 minutes of Spin class and a 90 minute workout of grocery shopping, I felt that I earned it!01-20-2015

021/365: Wednesday, January 21st. They were playing some made up game that involved dumping water from a cup onto superhero action figures, yelling “chocolate milk,” and laughing hysterically every few seconds. I wasn’t tracking… couldn’t follow along. Didn’t understand the object of the game. I asked for the rules and was swiftly denied.  So I’m guessing it had something to do with poop.01-21-2015

I like day 017/365 – Dexter ice skating!  Which photo is your favorite this week?




catch the moment: week 2

Our second week of 2015 was largely uneventful and for that, we are grateful. I think I was on my 2nd or 3rd separate illness by this time last year. Unfortunately, we only made it 10 days into 2015 before someone in this family puked (Dexter) but that was better than the measly 8 hours we made it last year (Dexter).  I was being greedy and hoping for a full month…

But enough about puke.

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008/365: Thursday, January 8th.

I took this one in the morning, before heading off to pre-school. Mr. Handsome’s ears had been covered up by longer hair for a couple months until the night before, when he and Dexter got haircuts. I couldn’t stop looking at his cute little grown-up self.


009/365: Friday, January 9th.

Just another picture of Theo, taken shortly after we got home from school. His profile. So sweet. I could just eat him up!


010/365: Saturday, January 10th.

It was Christmas un-decorating day.  Our first weekend home since before Christmas. It felt good to put everything away and start over with a clean slate…01-10-2015

011/365: Sunday, January 11th.

…so I could decorate for Valentine’s Day! I’m so in love with our new mantel and having a lot of fun attempting to decorate it.


012/365: Monday, January 12th.

A quick, late, fast-food dinner from Wendy’s and Dexter was still recovering from not feeling well on Saturday. Here he is, trying to give his plain cheeseburger away! No thank you!01-12-2015

013/365: Tuesday, January 13th.

Bubbles and friends in the bath.


014/365: Wednesday, January 14th.

They have literally taken over a quarter of our living room with their ever-expanding Lego collection. Truly, I don’t mind. It won’t always be this way. I’ll miss this one day. I’m thankful for the 2 little boys, their passion for Legos, and having enough space in our home to dedicate to their interests.

01-14-2015Has anyone in your family been sick yet this year?  I am hoping we have a healthier year. As you can see, we stuck pretty close to home and didn’t have too many exciting adventures this week. Unless you count Lego Spider-man taking off to his mountain retreat for the weekend, Gorilla Grodd knocking Batman off the cliff into the ocean, or Lego Hulk destroying his lab…


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