36 week check-up check-in

Yes, friends, this is where it gets really annoying.  I’m going to the doctor every week now.  Luckily there should only be about 2 more of these updates.  Hopefully it will be fun for me to look back at them one day and remember just how I was feeling.  I know shortly after I had Theo, I had all these feelings of was I ever really pregnant? I could barely remember just what the weight of this belly felt and looked like or how the kicks, shoves, and wiggles made me moan and groan.

Since I woke up 3 hours before my alarm went off, I went ahead and picked up Theo before my appointment.  Big mistake.  They had to “work me in” so of course that means we waited.  Got there at 4:40 and didn’t see the doctor til 5:10.  Theo was o.v.e.r. it.  Luckily the appointment went quickly and I got lots of good news to share!

Weight gain is back up to 20 pounds (normal fluctuating, if you ask me). 
BP was 110/60.
Heartbeat was in the 140s.
Belly was measuring….I don’t remember what she said…
Blood sugars are “perfect.”

All systems go for a scheduled induction on May 12!  They scheduled it, or were calling the hospital to set it up when I left so I need to call back and find out exactly what time I have to be there.  And the rest of the report…

1cm dilated
50% effaced
Cervix is “very” soft (due to recently having a baby) and should respond nicely to Pitocin

I’m most excited about the soft cervix because that means I don’t have to go in the night before they start my induction for Cervidil.  Why is this a good thing?  For one, it hurts.  But mostly because I can sleep in my own bed rather than a hospital bed the night before the baby is born.  And I won’t have to be hooked up to an IV and monitors and all that junk for as long.  It’s really inconvenient using the bathroom and just moving around while there are 53 kinds of tubes and wires coming out of your oh-so-flattering minty-green hospital gown.  Not to mention the fact that it’s that much less time away from Theo.  Yes, skipping Cervidil is a good, good thing. 

I told the doctor that I am still not sleeping because I couldn’t bring myself to pay $108 for 20 Ambien CRs.  She said she’d rx me the regular Ambien, although she didn’t think it was as effective.  I don’t know how much cheaper it is.  I slept a little better over the weekend.  I mean a little.  But when I went back to work, it was back to 3-4 hours of sleep per day.  Not. Sufficient.  My body just hurts from being so tired.  I keep telling myself, it’s just a few more days.  Anyway, I forgot my prescription for the old-fashioned Ambien and haven’t decided if I’ll try it or not.  I might see about just getting 5 of the Ambien CRs to see if they are worth $5+ apiece.  Fat chance. 

Oh, on the sleeping pill note, I decided to try Unisom OTC when I found out how much the Ambien CR was going to cost me.  I swear, it gave me RLS! I took it three nights in a row and three nights in a row, I had the unstoppable urge to move my legs to relieve uncomfortable feelings of tingling and aching.  I can’t even explain how weird it was.  When I saw the commercials on tv for RLS a long time ago, I thought it was made up.  It’s not.  It might be one of the most annoying things I’ve ever experienced while trying to go to sleep.  Needless to say, Unisom did not do the trick!

I only have 8 more days of work before the baby comes.  Then it’s 12 weeks of round-the-clock work and not sleeping…but hey, at least I’ll be at home and can wear my jammies.  And I’ll be able to lie down on my stomach again – score!

I go back to the doctor next Thursday for my 37 week appointment.  I’ll have an ultrasound to get a look at the baby’s size.  I’m so paranoid that the tech is going to ruin the gender surprise.  We’ve made it this long, I sure don’t want her spoiling it now! 

eeeeeeeeek it’s getting close!!

Dear baby (letter to my mystery)

Dear mystery child of mine,
Much discussion has been had over who you are and much anticipation is felt over who you will become. I can’t believe you’ll be joining our family in just over 2 weeks. We are so excited to meet you and share with the world whether Theo will be a big brother to his baby sister or brother.
Either way, I’m thrilled. I picture having a baby girl and all the fun and challenges that would bring that are different from what a parent experiences with boys. I picture having another baby boy and my heart swells thinking about the lifelong friendship and bond that only brothers share. I wish for that bond between you and Theo regardless of who you are and who you both become.
We have been making lots of preparations for your arrival and now we are just waiting for time to pass so that you can grow and be strong on your birthday.
While pregnancy isn’t easy, and I’ve complained a lot about all the inconveniences of it, I wouldn’t trade carrying you to full term for anything. Every poke, nudge, and kick I feel from you reminds me that we are both so lucky to be healthy and I’m thankful that we’ve made it this far together. I’m not ready to share you with anyone else yet, so stay put for 2 more weeks, please. There will be plenty of hugs and kisses to go around when you get out here with everyone. 
I love you, my little mystery baby, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for your daddy and me.
see you soon,

35 week check-up check-in

My appointments are starting to get slightly more exciting (to me). 

I went to the doctor yesterday for my 35 week appointment, thinking she would do a cervical exam to see if I had dilated any.  She said we’ll start those next week.  Fine by me, they’re not much fun.

She measured my belly, it was right on schedule at 35 weeks.  She pushed and poked around on my stomach and said it feels like the baby is head down.  That’s good news – she’ll be able to tell better next week.  The heartbeat was the highest it’s ever been for this baby, in the 150s.  My blood pressure was 100/60.  My weight was down two pounds from two weeks ago so my total weight gain right now is 18 pounds.  Blood sugars are still good and there’s no need for insulin.  I have noticed a trend of them increasing somewhat but 90% of them (or more, probably) are within normal, nondiabetic range. 

I talked to my doctor about the fact that I am only getting 3-4 hours of sleep per day/night and I’m barely functioning.  I almost had a nervous breakdown right there in her office.  She prescribed Ambien CR.  Dilemma…she said to take it only when you have 8-10 hours to devote to sleep and not driving.  That’s fine on the weekend, but I only have 7 hours to devote to sleep each day through the week.  Maybe I can take 3/4 of a pill? 

We talked about my options and as long as my blood sugars and weight gain remain well-controlled she said I have three:
   1.) Have an amnio at 37 weeks and get induced then if the lungs are mature.
   2.) Get induced at 38 weeks without an amnio.
   3.) Schedule a c-section at 39 weeks. 

I don’t think I would ever voluntarily sign up for an amnio.  They are kind of scary, and from what I hear, painful too.  Plus 37 weeks just seems too soon.  I also am not in the business of signing up for major surgery that will require me to not pick up my almost 14 month old son for weeks.  Um, that’s not really going to work for me.  So I’m opting for number 2 and hoping that it doesn’t end up in a c-section.  Even with the mild shoulder dystocia we had with Theo, if everything goes as smoothly as it did with my last induction, I’ll be pleased as punch.

She’ll do an ultrasound at 37 weeks to try an get some measurements on the baby to make sure it isn’t too big for a vaginal delivery.  This makes me nervous – I know that the measurements and weight can be off by a pretty large margin of error. 

I asked if I would have to go in the night before for Cervidil again and she said it will depend on whether or not I am dilated any.  Last time I was only dilated 1cm at 39 wks so I went to the hospital at 630pm the night before my Pictocin induction.  I’d rather just go in the morning of the induction, but that will be a game time decision (unless I’m already dilated to 2 or more by 37 weeks or so). 

I also asked if my doctor is going to be on call on May 12 or 13 because she had mentioned it would be one or the other.  I was secretly (or not so secretly) hoping for a Friday the 13th baby, because that sounds kind of fun, but she’s on call on the 12th and I really hope I’m not still in labor by the time the 13th rolls around.  So, May 12th it is.  Exactly two weeks before my due date. 

I’m starting to think about all the things that could go wrong, but trying not to focus on them.  Just trying to keep my mind open, knowing that a birth plan is only a plan and anything can happen when it comes to babies.  Labor and delivery is so unpredictable. 

I can’t believe this is happening so soon – only three weeks to go. 

Sidenote – I dreamt the other day (during one of my “naps”) that I had four babies back to back (to back to back) and their order was Boy – Girl – Boy – Boy.  Interesting, yes?  I still have no clue what this baby is.  I’m leaning towards girl today, but my hunch changes just like the weather (which here in the Midwest means A LOT and rapidly). 

I’ll be packing my hospital bag and our new diaper bag on Monday!  It’s getting SO close. Packing the bag makes it so real, so scary, so soon.

that is all,