Catch the Moment: Wk 44

This week’s photos are a little Dexter-heavy but I swear, I love them both the same! ūüôā That’s just the way it works out sometimes. We had beautiful, unseasonably warm weather this week and I cannot believe it’s November. Today I was able to wear a sleeveless dress-it was 77 degrees. In November. In Indiana. Mind blown. CRAZY. I’ll take it! And I’m hoping for a mild winter but let’s not get greedy…here we go.

302/365: Thursday, October 29th. A long day at work and no motivation – after a month of legitimate and created excuses, it was time to get back to the gym. I didn’t want to. I got there and sat in my car. I thought about just sitting in my car for the whole hour but made myself go in. Within 2 minutes of starting Zumba, I was smiling and breathing a huge sigh of relief. Sometimes I just don’t know how bad I need to¬†exercise until I’m doing it. Or until it’s done. Time to get back into a regular routine of 3-4 workouts per week.10-29-2015

303/365: Friday, October 30th. We met friends at Kelsay Farms to climb the hay mountain, play in the corn pit, go through the corn maze, take a hay ride, sit by a bonfire, ride the Moo Choo Express, and watch some bad, bad, bad karaoke. It was a perfect, cool autumn night and with it being the day before Halloween, I thought it would be packed. Seemed like we had the place to ourselves. Such fun. 10-30-2015

304/365: Saturday, October 31st. Halloween! My Ant-Man and Superman. Rain had been predicted but it held off until we were done trick or treating. This was the first year we didn’t let them use strollers or the wagon. They hoofed it. After hoofing and lugging their buckets for an hour, they were ready to turn around and head home. It was cute watching them interact with the neighbors. I think their favorite thing about the whole holiday is getting home, dumping their buckets, and sorting their candy. My little organizers-I couldn’t be more proud.10-31-2015

305/365: Sunday, November 1st. Spent ALL day inside cleaning, laundering, cooking, organizing, and all the other -ings we -ing on Sundays. I had been promising Dexter for hours that as soon as I was done doing one more -ing, we’d go outside. We finally made it out around 3:30 and I was shocked at how warm it was. Happily shocked. He shed his jacket within about 30 seconds and we played secret superhero games in the trees by our house.11-01-15

306/365: Monday, November 2nd. I usually have about 15 minutes to waste between dropping Theo and Dexter off at their schools so on Monday we went and got gas. While we were waiting, I decided it was a good chance for me to get my picture of the day. Dexter decided it was a good time to be super silly. 11-02-2015

307/365: Tuesday, November 3rd. It was far too nice out to go straight home after school. The boys may have played outside during school, but this mama needed some Vitamin D too. ¬†We went to the library and the park before going home at sunset….yes, at 6pm.11-03-2015

308/365: Wednesday, November 4th. Just another gorgeous day in Central Indiana. 11-04-2015

Hope your week has been unexpectedly wonderful. xo.


catch the moment: wk 36

It was refreshing to have a 3 day weekend. We soaked it up with a good mix of housework and fun. Our weekend quickly filled up with plans and like always, the time just flew by. There are 2 weeks until the first day of Fall and I’m hanging on to every last second of summer for dear life. Pumpkin spice everything is all around me as well as Halloween decorations. It does make me want to get a Fall mantle going and I’m itching to continue moving forward with our home remodeling projects. It wouldn’t be a project around here without some large stumbling blocks slowing us down, but I’m still hopeful to get a good amount of work done by Christmas when we host my family from Tennessee for a few days.

246/365: Thursday, September 3rd. A quick pitstop on my way to work to capture the wildflowers in front of a barn out in the country (a barn that has appeared in a handful of my catch the moment posts over the past year and a half). 09-03-2015

247/365: Friday, September 4th. Our wonderful friends invited us over for dinner and a bonfire. The boys enjoyed roasting marshmallows – maybe more than they enjoyed actually eating them – while I stared at and held sweet 3 month old baby Kennedy as much as humanly possible.¬†09-04-2015¬†248/365: Saturday, September 5th. Theo has a new friend at school. New friend had a birthday party and invited Theo. It put me in an awkward position. Do I ask to bring my other kid? Do I stay home with my uninvited kid? Do we skip it altogether? This was our first party invitation where the birthday child didn’t know / invite both kids. Dexter was really sad at first but I think he enjoyed the extra time with me. Theo asked Ryan to take him to the party and while I felt I was missing out on being nosy, it was nice to focus on just one kid for a couple of hours. We cleaned the library (then played school). We went out for a donut. We took a trip to Target that resulted in a new Imaginext Batman toy. I’d say all in all, he came out ahead.09-05-2015

249/365: Sunday, September 6th. We worked around the house most of the day then my friend and I took our kids together to see Disney Presents Frozen on Ice. It was really fun. I would have gone with or without kids. The boys’ favorite parts were seeing Olaf and the Ice Monster. I have to admit-I loved Elsa’s on-ice rendition of Let it Go.¬†09-06-2015

250/365: Monday, September 7th. Labor Day. All play and no work on Monday. We went to the lake for one last hurrah. Our last swim of 2015. Sad day. A good day, but a sad one no less.09-07-2015

251/365: Tuesday, September 8th. Since the cotton candy with an Olaf hat was $15 and the one with the tiara or crown or whatever it is was *ONLY* $12, I opted for the sparkly jeweled crown. Why can’t you just buy cotton candy for like $2.50? Anyway…Tuesday after school Dexter decided to decorate it with little jewel stickers that came with it.09-08-2015

252/365: Wednesday, September 9th. Picture Day at Montessori School. What happened to my little babies?09-09-2015Why’d they have to go and get big on me? Favorite picture this week? Favorite moment this week? I dunno-I kind of liked them all. Life’s good.



catch the moment: wk 35

I feel like a broken record – it’s been another busy week. I can’t believe it’s almost fall. I can’t believe I have a kid in Kindergarten. I don’t want winter to come. I can’t believe how fast time goes by. I wish I had time to do it all. Every week I find myself making plans to do better at fitting it all in next week. I felt like I was at the gym too much during the week so I’ve been spending more time at home. Now I feel gross and tired and out of shape, but I’m enjoying more time with the boys. Where’s the balance? Can I just request 4 more waking hours in every day? We have some big fun plans coming up in the next couple of months so plenty to look forward despite¬†dreaded fall and winter lurking around the corner.

The boys and I snuck off to Tennessee for the weekend to visit my family while Ryan did some demo work at home.¬†I relished the family time and tried to soak up every minute with my nieces and nephew, my mom, my sister, and my brother-in-law. Seeing them just makes me that much more homesick, wishing we had more time to spend together.¬†I had a big WHOA¬†mommy moment while on the trip. My kids are getting older and more mature. I was worried about managing the 5.5 hr drive alone, but they were perfect angels. They were wonderful¬†at my mom’s. It was more than doable, it was completely 100%¬†absolutely enjoyable. A new phase of motherhood- fantastic! A feeling of increased freedom and confidence. At the same time, I can’t help but still have¬†that WHOA¬†feeling…it’s clear that they really are growing up.

239/365: Thursday, August 27th. Sometimes the best you can do is a POV picture while watching your guilty pleasure trashy TV late at night. 08-27-2015

240/365: Friday, August 28th. Dexter was eating within 5 minutes of arriving at my mom’s. Three words for this boy. Human Garbage Disposal.¬†08-28-2015

241/365: Saturday, August 29th. My 10 year old nephew, Mal. Seriously one of the kindest, gentlest, and coolest people I know. 08-29-2015

242/365: Sunday, August 30th. Our trip was a whirlwind – we were barely gone for 48 hours. Sunday we said goodbye to my family before niece Penelope jetted off from my mom’s – don’t get your knickers in a bunch, it’s only 100 feet to their house.¬†08-30-2015

243/365: Monday, August 31st. While we were gone, Ryan tore up the carpet Рyes I said carpet- in our kitchen. Decisions, decisions! We finally narrowed it down and selected tile for the kitchen and powder room. 08-31-2015

244/365: Tuesday, September 1st. Speaking of that powder room, here’s what’s left of it. I can’t wait to replace those 1983 touches with modern ones. Goodbye disgusting bathroom!09-01-2015

245/365: Wednesday, September 2nd. What would I do without these two? 09-02-2015All in all a great week! I have been hoarding my PTO at work all summer so that I can take off when the boys have school breaks, so I’m really excited to have a long weekend to celebrate Labor Day and hang out -mostly at home- with my guys.