who is mommy in the midwest?

ME: I’m Candice. I was born in Indiana to parents who followed their dreams and moved to beautiful East Tennessee when I was 6, just ’cause.  Because they liked it there. Because it wasn’t Indiana.  Because that’s where they wanted us to grow up and grow roots.

ME BECOMES WE: When I was 19, I went to the Walt Disney World College Program and it changed my life in every way, forever. I met my husband, who was from…guess where? Indiana.  I fell in love with him (and Disney World). Afterwards, he finished school at Purdue University and we were married after four years of long distance love.  He had a job and I didn’t, so I moved to Indiana.

WE BECOME A FAMILY: We decided to start trying for a baby after we’d been married for about 5 years and less than a year later, we were pregnant. In 2010, we became parents.

THE KIDS: Theo was born in March 2010 and much to our surprise, we learned that we were pregnant again just 6 months later.  Terrified and pretty embarrassed, we weren’t sure how we would fit another baby into our lives, but Dexter showed up in May 2011 and now none of us can imagine it any other way.

BROTHERS: They fight, they love. They help, they hit. They share a room and clothes and toys.  They are the best of friends and the best of enemies. I don’t know what filled my time before these two.

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