catch the moment: week forty-seven

I didn’t plan on having a “brothers” theme (or any theme) this week, but as I’m looking through my photos, I see it.   These little boys really are best friends. They want to be together, even when we are at home. They get sick of each other, but it never lasts more than 5 minutes. They fight over a toy at least once a day. Eventually, their arguments will last longer and their words will hurt deeper.  Despite the inevitable conflicts, I hope they’ll always look forward to spending time together, always be best friends, and always remain involved in each other’s lives.

Linking up with Mindi, Sarah, and Stephanie for week 47 of Catch the Moment 365.  Mindi will continue to host the link-up and Facebook support group page in 2015 if anyone else is interested in the challenge.  You don’t have to have a blog; you can share on instagram or facebook if you’d rather.  Come on…

323/365 – Wednesday, November 19th. Late night photo grab on my part – they have had this Melissa & Doug Make-a-Meal Sticker Pad for 2 years and only played with it once. Until this night…then then next three consecutive nights.  They were cooking up all sorts of interesting meals.  It’s a cute (and cheap ~$5) Christmas idea if you’re trying to think of one for your fake food loving, sticker obsessed little one.11-19-14

324/365 – Thursday, November 20th:  This picture is terribly grainy as it was still dark outside and therefore inside as well…but as the boys were eating breakfast, I told them to finish up while I picked out their clothes. I walked out of the room and Theo called out for me. “Hey mom! Make sure you pick out something really cute.”  I laughed and did my best…for Theo, looking fancy means wearing a button up with jeans and tennis shoes instead of a t-shirt. Hey, that’s how we roll.  P.S. Dexter calls “button up” shirts “buttoning shirts.”  And he calls footie pajamas “zipping pajamas.” I call him “cute.” 11-20-14

325/365 – Friday, November 21st: Another super grainy shot – sue me. Just eating some fruit snacks on the counter; nothing out of the ordinary around here.11-21-14

326/365 – Saturday, November 22nd: My cousin Kara came for the day Saturday with her little cousin, J. We had fun going to see Big Hero 6 and then crafting and playing at home.  The boys love both of these gals and having sleepovers at our house. Story time in the library before bed…everyone was able to find something they wanted to read.11-22-14

327/365 – Sunday, November 23rd: Dexter was feeling yucky and puny all day. Complaining that his stomach hurt and just not interested in playing. He’s also had a junky, croupy sounding cough and random fevers that come for an hour and then go away for 24.  We’re fever free for over 24 hours now so hopefully he’s on the mend. I thought it was super sweet that Theo snuggled right up next to him since Dexter didn’t want to leave the couch.11-23-14

328/365 – Monday, November 24th: Typical scene on my way home from work on a very windy, wintery afternoon. 11-24-14

329/365 – Tuesday, November 25th: Bath night! 11-25-14

329 (bath night) is my favorite photo this week, but I really love the closeness between brothers that I see in four of the other photos! Which is your favorite this week, hmm?



overheard around the house

It’s been a while since I’ve recapped some of the cute/funny things that the boys say. I’ve been trying to keep a mental list, so here’s what I can remember right now.

Theo and Dexter both say “yo-grit” instead of yogurt.
Dexter doesn’t say “r” in words like green, broke, etc. They sound like “geen” and “boke.” I rarely try to correct him, because it’s one of the few, fleeting baby things still happening around here.  I’m enjoying it while it lasts. He calls fruit snacks are “fwoot snacks.”

Theo says “Monsters Inc Universed” instead of Monsters University.
Theo says “Teenage Mint Ninja Turtles.”
Theo calls Star Wars “Starwers.”
Dexter is starting to say grown up phrases like “how many times did I tell you?”
Theo often answers questions, “shoot yeah!” or “shoot no!” I’m not sure where he heard that!

Theo sometimes uses “responsible” and “ridiculous” interchangeably. This can be pretty hilarious at times.

Theo pronounces most things perfectly but gets a little tripped up on a few character names.

For example:
R2-D2:  R-Tooty
Darth Vader: Dark Vader
Clone Trooper:  Clown Trooper
Darth Maul: Dark Mall
Madam Leota: Mama Yoda

Dexter overheard someone expel a little gas over the holidays and said “what did YOU have for breakfast?”

Theo is always asking us, “what’s your favorite color?” and giving us a toy or book or anything that color. As if we automatically like anything and everything that color.

Every day when the boys wake up, they ask us “Is it wake up time?” and “Is it a mommy and daddy day?”

Every time I’m in the kitchen, and Dexter hears the microwave, he asks “is it dinner time?”

Oh, there’s so much more but every time I sit down to write it out, everything flies out of my brain. These are the little things that I know I will soon forget, yet love so much about this age and stage in their lives.


the perilous life of a kanka blanka

Behold, Kanka Blanka.  Or Kanket. Or Blue Kanky. Or Blue Banky.  Or a host of other options.

Whichever name comes out, we all know who he’s talking about.  Notice I said “who,” not “what.”  That’s because Dexter talks to his favorite blanket like it’s a human. Or one of his action figures.  If you heard him in the car, you’d think he was acting out a scene with little toys. Sometimes he says “I love you,” and from the front seat of the car, I’ll say “Aw, Dexter! I love you too,” only to be informed that he was talking to Blue. I bought this blanket at Walmart of all places (I never shop there) a day or two before Dexter’s first Christmas when he was just 7 months old.  We were at Ryan’s parents’ house and I ran to the store to get diapers or some other essential item and the blanket caught my eye.  Theo’s favorite blanket at the time was fuzzy like this, with satin trim along the edge, so I wanted Dexter to have something similar.

Blue Kanka Blanka about 2 years ago.  

It quickly became a favorite and he’s only gotten more attached to it as he gets older.  It’s really funny.  He’s fine with leaving it in the car and doesn’t ever cause any problems. I don’t have any intentions of taking it away from him because he loves it, but also because it provides a lot of entertainment!

The other night Dexter and I were waiting in the car while Ryan and Theo went into a store.  Poor blue kanket went through quite an ordeal.  See, he lost his mom and dad, but the he found them. It was a stressful time, because you see, blue kanket’s mom and dad were hiding in the trash truck. Thank goodness blue kanket was reunited, but it wasn’t long before trouble struck again.  While blue kanket was getting in the car, he hit his nose on the door and it started bleeding. So naturally, we had to take blue kanket to the hospital for a shot. In the nose. Ouch! Blue kanket said that it hurt pretty bad but afterwards, it felt better.  The really bad news is, though, that through the whole hospital ordeal, blue kanket lost his parents. AGAIN. Apparently blue kanket’s mom is red and his dad is … blue of course.  Oh, blue kanket. You’ve been through so much.  I’m not too sure if or when blue kank found his folks the second time or not because Ryan and Theo returned and interrupted our story.  Once Theo was in the car, Dexter and I told him what happened to blue kank while they were gone. Theo has asked me to re-tell this tale several times. Funny. Love that Dexter’s little personality and imagination are emerging and so silly.

Does/did your children have a security blanket?