haircut time

The last 3 or 4 days, Theo has woken up with this… this… this.. THING in his hair.  I don’t know how to describe it but it is like a tiny little matted up knot at the end of the hair that hangs down in his eyes.  No, they are not bangs, because they are swooping around from the back of his head.  No matter how you try, the THING will not go away.  You can’t brush it out, you can’t comb it out.  The knot itself will come out but what’s left afterwards is so not cute.  It looks like he’s been electrocuted, but just in that one spot.  The decision was made yesterday morning that he will definitely be getting his first haircut.  I’d hoped to wait til his first birthday, just to be all traditional and stuff, but his hair is out of control.  It’s always hanging down in his eyes.  Sometimes it looks like he has a mullet because it is so long in the back (well over his collar).  And it’s almost to the bottom of his ear on the sides.  Time to go bye-bye. 

The challenge with this is that I don’t want my baby to lose his baby look.  I don’t want him to have bangs cut straight across his forehead.  I don’t want him to have a buzz cut.  I want it to still look natural, I just want the super long parts to be trimmed.  He has a patch of hair right down the middle of his head that he never lost so it has just continued growing and it’s probably a good 6 inches long.  We try to swirl it around and make it blend in, but it’s just not working anymore.  So, it’s time.  My fear is that the people at the baby hair cutting place won’t listen to me or only know how to do one thing and he’ll end up with a bowl cut.  That would be devastating.  Seriously, what are these people’s qualifications for baby hair cutting? 

My baby boy is growing up, with or without my approval.  I’ll be sure to post before and after pics. 



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