Dear baby (letter to my mystery)

Dear mystery child of mine,
Much discussion has been had over who you are and much anticipation is felt over who you will become. I can’t believe you’ll be joining our family in just over 2 weeks. We are so excited to meet you and share with the world whether Theo will be a big brother to his baby sister or brother.
Either way, I’m thrilled. I picture having a baby girl and all the fun and challenges that would bring that are different from what a parent experiences with boys. I picture having another baby boy and my heart swells thinking about the lifelong friendship and bond that only brothers share. I wish for that bond between you and Theo regardless of who you are and who you both become.
We have been making lots of preparations for your arrival and now we are just waiting for time to pass so that you can grow and be strong on your birthday.
While pregnancy isn’t easy, and I’ve complained a lot about all the inconveniences of it, I wouldn’t trade carrying you to full term for anything. Every poke, nudge, and kick I feel from you reminds me that we are both so lucky to be healthy and I’m thankful that we’ve made it this far together. I’m not ready to share you with anyone else yet, so stay put for 2 more weeks, please. There will be plenty of hugs and kisses to go around when you get out here with everyone. 
I love you, my little mystery baby, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for your daddy and me.
see you soon,