project 365 (jan 18-25)

Project 365, Days 18-25
18/365: Pure Joy.  I love three things about this picture.
1: Dexter’s first tooth.
2: Dexter’s second tooth.  (See it?)
3: The joy on his face.  Babies don’t fake it.
19/365: New discoveries.
20/365: String of hearts.
21/365: He’s still got it.  My hubby bounced our friends’ sweet 6 week old daughter, Abby, to sleep on his shoulder Saturday evening.  He always wanted a daughter.
22/365: Hometown Rivals. 
The New England Patriots are coming to town for the Superbowl in a little less than 2 weeks. 
My hubby:  Thrilled.
The rest of Indiana:  Pissed.
The boys:  Decked out in their jerseys, thanks to our friends in Massachusetts.
23/365: I’m waging war against my diminishing milk supply.  Here’s the ammo.
24/365: Cozy with mama on the couch.
25/365: Superbowl XLVI comes to town!
 ´╗┐This week, I can’t pick a favorite because I really like them all for different reasons.  Except for my least favorite.  Uh, hello…Day 23.  I hate taking pills, especially 3 at a time!  Blech.  And the tea, well it tastes like licorice.  Double Blech.  Sooo, tell me.  Which picture is your favorite?
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