Project 365 (april 5-april 12)

Days 95 through 102-

95/365: Daddy’s home!
96/365: Theo discovers chocolate-filled twinkies.  As should you.
97/365: An apple so big your nose will squish.
98/365: Happy Easter
99/365: Matching jammies and matching tractors.
100/365: FAIL
101/365: FAIL 
102/365: Our humble little home.
Yep, I missed two more days.  No excuses. Maybe I’m not cut out for commitment!  Well, at least I’m getting these pictures up in the same month they were taken.  It has been a busy week with Easter, getting our house ready to list and normal day to day life.  I’m looking forward to a no-plans kind of weekend.
I just love the picture of Dexter on Easter, is it just me or could he not be a supermodel baby?  Hello? Gerber?  Which is your favorite from this week?