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The boys had a great time in their costumes and just loved going door to door.  Theo was excited last year but even more so this year.  Dexter just went along for the ride and had fun carrying his bucket.  It got really heavy but he would not let me hold it for him.  Too cute!
Ugh… now the not so great news.  I’m just sick about it and can’t stop thinking about it.  We went to our old neighborhood to go trick or treating.  We closed on our old house on May 31st and neither Ryan nor I had driven back by the old house.  It’s just been too sad … we’re homesick for that little house after everything we’ve been through.  Also, we didn’t want to confuse Theo by going by there before we moved in to our new place.  Oh, did I tell you?  WE MOVED INTO OUR NEW PLACE!  That’s another post.  
Anyway, we went to the old ‘hood and drove by our house (it looks lovely) and by our next door neighbor’s.  The lights were not on, but it was right at 6 so we thought maybe they just hadn’t turned on their light yet. We went up a couple of other streets. Theo really was so cute, saying over and over “isn’t this fun, Mom?  Getting candy is SO fun!”  His face lit up every time someone put more candy in his bucket.  By 7 we made our way back over there.  Kitchen light was on but not the porch light.  We went to see another neighbor across the street and learned that our dear neighbor, Roger, is terminally ill with liver cancer.  HE HELPED US MOVE at the end of May.  Needless to say, we went over there and visited.  He is about 50ish and has lived there with his mother, who is close to 90.  We thought if anything had happened, his mother would be the one to have fallen ill.  
Guys… Roger.  Oh my goodness.  He was lying there in his hospital bed.  His entire body swollen, his face gray.  He looked just awful. Let’s just say he looked bad enough that I’m checking a certain section of the paper every day. The boys just stared at him.  Theo talked to him.  Roger told us we were wonderful neighbors and that he loved us.  He said he’d tell his mom to make sure to call us when he died. Seriously?  A night of fun and merry-making turned into THAT.  That quick.  Just as quickly as his health deteriorated.  It’s a huge reality check and such a heart-breaker.  Anyway, sorry to be a party pooper. But that’s what I think about when I think about Halloween 2012.  
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