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Theo loses a little bit of his baby-ness every day so I’m trying to keep track of some of the cute things he says and does before they fade away.  Dexter is just now really talking in short sentences but is pretty cute too, I suppose.

I like how Theo calls crayons “crayleons.”
And ambulances are “ambliances.”

I like how Dexter claps his hands and says “yay! I deeeed it!” whenever he’s proud of himself.

I like how Dexter randomly grabs my cheeks and pulls me in to kiss him on the lips.

And how he says “I wuv eee.”  Sometimes to me and his dad, but mostly to his stuffed animals when he looks deep into their eyes.

I like how I can tell Theo to talk to Dexter when he’s crying and Theo sweetly says “Dexter, it’s okay. Don’t cry buddy.”  Even more, I like how Dexter listens to him.

I like how obsessed Theo is with Toy Story, and how he carries that 4” tall Woody around with him EVERYWHERE he goes. (I don’t like looking frantically for Woody’s hat 6x a day when it’s lost…super glue anyone?).

I like how Dexter wakes up with a smile on his face

I like how Theo is refusing to sit in his booster seat because he’s just too cool and old for that.

I like how Theo calls Penelope “Pepelome.”

I like how Dexter says lollipop…“Peepop.”

I like how Dexter decides it’s bedtime most nights by announcing “I want milk!”  He’ll stand in front of me, repeating this until I stand up.  As soon as I get up, he runs to the kitchen.  When I start getting the milk out, I’ll ask him if he’s ready for bed and he says “uh huh!” He’ll go get his favorite blanket and start telling daddy and Theo “nigh nigh!”  So cute.

I like how both boys call their favorite blanket “kanket.”  Dexter definitely stole that one from Theo.

Dexter loves to color and asks to do so almost every day.  “I wanna kuh-lah!”

P.S.  I like them. 


Added on 1/30:  Instead of saying he “forgot” something, Theo says he “got-for.”  Love it! 

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