I’m way behind, I know.  I just haven’t felt too motivated to blog for the last week or so.  Last weekend we went to Tennessee to visit my now almost 3 week old baby niece, Penelope Quinn.  She’s doing great.  My heart could bust with love for this newest member of our family.  I spent as much time as I could with her in my arms, just staring at her and memorizing her face, knowing that the next time I see her she will look completely different and much more like a smiley infant than a squishy newborn.  I also felt my heart grow ten times it’s own size watching her big brother and big sister with her.  It’s obvious that there will be no shortage of love in this baby girl’s life.  I’m only sad that I won’t be around as much as I’d like because of the distance between us.  It was definitely tough to leave.

What is it about those newborn yawns that are so irresistible?
I had obsessed about this baby out loud so much at work that everyone there has asked me about her.  Yes, she’s amazing!  Everyone seems curious to know if this makes me want another baby, now that my sister has three kids and as I return from holding this tiny babe dressed in pink.  I sure miss that babe.  I sure miss my boys being tiny babes.  But no, we’re still holding steady at two and through!