skinny sweet treat: cake batter yogurt

At work myself and a few other lovely ladies are using MyFitnessPal to stay on track with our goals for 2013 of living healthier.  Some of them are doing Weight Watchers as well.  One of the girls brought in this amazing “cake batter yogurt” today and allegedly, it has only 100 calories per 1/2 cup serving and 2.5 WW points.  That sounds great, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that probably most ice cream has about 100 calories per 1/2 cup.  Right?  Just a thought, but a pointless one because it doesn’t matter.  That 1/2 cup was the best, most decadent 100 calories I’ve had all week.  So I bought the ingredients and made it at home for my family.  HUGE HIT.

Without further ado, friends (get ready to PIN the sh*t out of this), I give you Cake Batter Yogurt.

1 box of Funfetti cake (or cookie – whoops) mix
2 cups of plain nonfat yogurt
1 cup of Cool Whip Lite
*I added gummy bears to the boys for funsies and cutesies*
Seriously. That’s all there is to it and it is soooo good.  It’s almost too rich to eat with a spoon. It would be great as a dip (graham cracker sticks, maybe?).  
But is it good?  Proof is in the pudding, er, yogurt!  
Does he look like a satisfied customer or not?
So rich.  Must have milk.
And that’s cake batter yogurt!

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