Dear Dexter (2 year letter)

Dear Dexy,

Two years have whizzed by and here we are once again, celebrating another birthday.  You have been celebrating for a few days already and we’ve told you happy birthday so many times that you probably have no clue when your birthday really is.  We decided not to have a big party this year, just a few small gatherings with the people closest to our family.
Such a big kid now. 
Every time we drive past a playground, daycare, or elementary school, you shout “mommy, a playground! I wanna go there!”  You are noticing everything in your world and telling us about it. Your vocabulary and ability to initiate conversation has exploded in the last couple of months. I love being able to talk to you in the car about every little thing you see.  
You have boundless energy and enthusiasm for life.  You have started having the occasional tantrum but you don’t hold a candle to your brother in that department. Yet.  Since you were tiny, you have always been this happy little guy.  Content. Laid back and happy to go with the flow.  It doesn’t seem to bother you when your schedule changes. Without a nap, you become more hyper and less willing to listen to redirection but it doesn’t ruin your day.  Like some people (no names!). 
You might end up being our little sports fanatic.  Just like daddy.  You have shown an interest in sports on t.v. and can identify most sports balls.  You taught yourself how to dribble a basketball and will spend lots of time outside in the driveway showing us and practicing.  You also love to just throw a ball.  Or bounce a ball. Or kick a ball. Or roll a ball.  I love that you have this interest because it’s yours and yours alone. This is not something that you like because Theo does.  This is ALL YOU!  
You love mowing the grass!
You have such a fun, curious, and mischevious personality, but you also have such a sweet side.  You love coming into mommy & daddy’s bed early in the morning and snuggling between us.  You’ll say “I wanna sun-gull.”  You love having someone gently tickle your back or belly.  You’ll say “kickle my bell-dee!”  You love giving hugs and chisses and frequently ask for them.  You tell us all the time “I love and like you!”  Sweet, sweet, boy.  I love and like you too.  More than you’ll ever know. 
You love to eat!  You are not picky about what you eat.  For almost as long as I can remember, you’ve been stubborn about feeding yourself.  We cleaned up a lot of messes because you started this at a very young age.  Apparently independence is wearing off because now you’ll often ask for help with your spoon or help with your fork when it’s too much trouble or effort for you.  You love meat, fruit, vegetables, cheese, sweets, and salty treats.  You’re just an easy guy to please.
You and your brother are quite a silly pair together.  Sure, you push and shove and take things away from each other but often times, the best part of my day is watching you play together.  Offering to help your brother or accepting help from him.  You love each other.  One of my biggest hopes for you and Theo is that you’ll always be close. That you’ll always love, help, and support each other.  That you’ll love each other’s kids and be the coolest uncles and the best dads in town.  You’ve got a great role model. 
Dexter, your daddy and I cannot imagine life without you.  You are an incredible little boy!  I’m so proud to call you mine, even though I know you’re not, really.  I’m just housing, loving, and teaching you until you are ready to take on the world. I’m honored to be your mom.  Two is going to be amazing!
all the hugs and kisses chisses you can handle,

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