happy campers

We planned a backyard camping adventure at our former babysitter’s house the weekend before last and it turned out great.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather. It was just chilly enough to enjoy the bonfire and s’mores.  We were thankful for the amenities of home footsteps away come 7am Sunday morning.  It was cool in the tent and breakfast was cooking in the kitchen. Retreating to the cozy house after a restless night of sleep for coffee and scrambled eggs was the perfect way to end our adventure. The amount of rest I got was minimal, considering I was sleeping on about 2″ of an air mattress with a very floppy 3 year old next to me.  I was worthless after we got home, but a week and a half later the boys are still talking about it so it was definitely worth it.  Perfect trial run to see how the boys would do on an actual camping trip – next summer, we may try it for real.

Our little home for a night.

Mega tent – the boys thought it was a bounce house with their giant air mattress.

Campfire story setup. 

Grillers on the job.

party lights

yard games

Layton digging and playing

The “marshwellows” are taking too long!!

And, the s’mores were too sticky for Theo! He doesn’t like to make a mess. 

Dexter didn’t mind.

I didn’t mind. I finished off mine. And theirs. 

Tent party. 

Best pic I could get the next morning -sad situation!  They are not great posers. They better pull it together for Disney World, guys.  
Can’t wait to do it again!

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