catch the moment: week thirty-one

For a change I can say that we’ve enjoyed a pretty low-key week. Relaxing at home, playing inside and out, visiting the local pool, and SAYWHAT!? I even crafted.  Never happens.

I’m linking up with Mindi, Sarah, and Stephanie for week 31 of this Catch the Moment 365.

7-30-14 212/365: July 30th. This is what happens when it’s 11pm and you realize you haven’t eaten dinner OR taken a picture yet today.  The boys had their first “outdoor” swim lesson, which turned into an indoor swim lesson due to rain, and on top of everything else, I realized that I broke my (old) blog on this day.

7-31-14213/365: July 31st.  Big boy FINALLY voluntarily rode his bike – kinda sorta.  He is still working on figuring out the pedaling but at least he’s showing some interest.  The bike has only been collecting dust in the garage for about 5 months now. He picked out that helmet last week so that’s sparked his interest a little.


8-1-14 214/365: August 1, 2014.  Friday night doesn’t get much more exciting than this, does it?  I love it.

8-2-14 215/365: August 2nd. I decided to make a visual reminder of Disney dreams — a savings jar for our next Disney vacation.

8-3-14a 216/365: August 3rd. Taking a snack break at the pool.

8-4-14 217/365: August 4th. A little Monday night fun in the driveway.

8-5-14218/365: August 5th.  Back to school night. Tuesday night we had parent orientation and gave Dexter one more chance to visit the school before starting pre-school the next day. This mama’s heart is breaking a little!

Hands down, my favorite photo this week is of Theo on that bike. I love the excitement and determination on his face and the memory of us cheering him on as he began to figure out the pedals.

Which is your favorite?




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