catch the moment: week thirty

Here’s a new start for me and a new start for my blog as I introduce and say goodbye to my ol’ blogger site.

I’m still working on getting things in order, but read HERE to find out what happened and why I made the change.  I decided to go ahead and make this wordpress blog public because I didn’t want to get behind on Catch the Moment. I will continue working on cleaning up imported entries from my old blog but wanted to continue writing and sharing here.  Also I have been thinking about hiring a designer to make it pretty. Any affordable suggestions?

Anyway, here we are at week 30 and it’s hard to believe how much of the year has flown by already. Over halfway to Christmas again. Just a little over two months til we go on the vacation that I started planning the day we got back from Disney World last October. School is starting. Summer is winding down, although it feels like it never got off to a good start around here as we’ve had a much cooler than usual couple of months.

Linking up with Mindi, Sarah, and Stephanie for CTM365: Week 30.

7-23-14 205/365: July 23rd. I’m re-sharing this from last week’s post because I realized about 3-4 days after I published week 29 that I gave that week eight days by accident.  I guess this was just too pretty to wait another week.  I had dinner with the friend on the anniversary of my dad’s death and it was a nice distraction from the blues that hit this time of year. We shared this beautiful appetizer at Mesh. (MILK AND HONEY CROSTINI: CAPRIOLE SOPHIA GOAT CHEESE / BAGUETTE / PICKLED BLACKBERRY / SWEET LIFE FARMS HONEY).

7-24-14 206/365: July 24th. Just playing outside after dinner.

7-25-14 207/365: July 25th. Simple Friday night fun. I snapped this because I thought the water looked cool with the sun shining through it. Too bad the focus is on the legs of the water table!

7-26-14 208/365: July 26th. My sister-in-law got married Saturday and I took this picture of their beautiful rings while she was getting ready.

7-27-14 209/365: July 27th. Because everyone eats popsicles for breakfast the morning after a rockin’ party, right?

7-28-14 210/365: July 28th. We went to Target to buy Theo a new lunch bag (see it behind him? 2nd year in a row that he’s chosen a grown-up lunch bag!) and he decided he was ready to try riding his bike and wanted a helmet. We’re talking about the bike that we bought him for his birthday almost five months ago and he’s refused to ride.

7-29-14211/365: July 29th. Just some Tuesday night Play-Doh time while I was preparing dinner.

Which photo is your favorite this week? Of course I love seeing my boys’ faces but my favorite this week has to be Day 208 – my sister-in-law’s and her husband’s wedding rings. I just love how it came out!




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