11 signs you are suffering from PVDD


You might be suffering from PVDD (Post-Vacation Depressive Disorder) if:

  1. You can’t stop looking at your pictures and videos from vacation. They might make you tear up just a little bit, but this is not required.
  2. You can’t stop making other people look at pictures of your vacation. The sharing of said photos on social media applies.
  3. You reset your computer desktop background image to a photograph from your vacation within 1 hour of your first day back at work.
  4. You think/talk about planning your next vacation 4 times per day or more.
  5. You replay parts of your vacation over and over in your mind and wish you were back in that very moment.
  6. Similarly, you say to yourself or significant other (or even worse, acquaintances/strangers), “__ day(s)/week(s) ago, we were _______” (fill in the blank with a magical vacation memory).
  7. You have only been home for 3 days and have already started a photo book or other memorabilia as a tribute to the beloved vacation that is now a part of your past.
  8. You and your significant other make sad puppy dog eyes at each other when a beach is shown on TV or mentioned by anyone within earshot.
  9. You seek reassurance from your children that they really did enjoy themselves by constantly hounding them to recall favorite activities from vacation.
  10. You search job listings and real estate in the area where you vacationed so you can pretend you are moving there for good.
  11. You spend more time than you ever thought humanly possible coming up with acronyms and lists about how you display your PVDD symptoms.

If you have experienced 6 or more of these symptoms in the week(s) following your most recent vacation, you should seriously consider consulting with a professional travel agent to book your next getaway as soon as reasonably possible.



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