catch the moment: week 3

Week three: Done. We’re well into 2015 now and I still find myself hitting 2-0-1-4 over and over at work. Have you adjusted yet?

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015/365: Thursday, January 15th. I took advantage of the deserted road and snapped this on my way home from work.


016/365: Friday, January 16th. We had friends over for dinner and the boys enjoyed giving each other “check-ups.”  Everyone’s blood pressure was really good but unfortunately, shots had to be administered all the way around.01-16-2015

017/365: Saturday, January 17th.  The boys tried ice skating for the first time! {Planning} (I cringe as I type that, knowing that my ‘plans’ to blog about various things lately have not really worked out) on writing more about their lack of effort when trying new things. 01-17-2015

018/365: Sunday, January 18th. My cousin and her little cousin were visiting. Typical weekend scene around my house…Lego messes everywhere you look!01-18-2015

019/365: Monday, January 19th. The same stretch of road on my way home from work Monday afternoon. Apparently I forgot that I took a picture in the same area but oh well…I wanted to remember this glorious 50 degree winter day.  Such surprising, unseasonable, happy-making, beautiful weather!01-19-2015

020/365: Tuesday, January 20th. My new obsession…these yogurt covered pretzels from the bulk bins at Fresh Thyme.  Maybe not the healthiest snack, but after 45 minutes of Spin class and a 90 minute workout of grocery shopping, I felt that I earned it!01-20-2015

021/365: Wednesday, January 21st. They were playing some made up game that involved dumping water from a cup onto superhero action figures, yelling “chocolate milk,” and laughing hysterically every few seconds. I wasn’t tracking… couldn’t follow along. Didn’t understand the object of the game. I asked for the rules and was swiftly denied.  So I’m guessing it had something to do with poop.01-21-2015

I like day 017/365 – Dexter ice skating!  Which photo is your favorite this week?




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  1. I love, love, love the ice skating picture! I’ve been wanting to get our oldest on ice but it isn’t as popular here as it is back home and the baby makes it hard. Maybe next year!

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