catch the moment: wk 31

This week’s theme is definitely back to school with a splash of family fun! It’s been stressful, but in a good way for the most part. A whole bunch of transition but so far, so good. I can’t believe I officially have a kid in elementary school and this time a year from now, I’ll have 2. What?

I’m not sure what’s going on with the Catch the Moment link up group but it seems to be fizzling out. I’m still plugging along but hoping to hear and see more from the group sometime soon. Still planning to continue linking up with Mindi,Stephanie, and Carrie for week 31 of Catch the Moment 365.

211/365: Thursday, July 30th. Theo’s first day of Kindergarten! I’ll have to write a separate post all about this major milestone with a few more pictures. I feel like we are over this hump. There was so much anxiety (mine) leading up to this day and I’m glad that we are starting to get into a routine – bumps and all. MAJOR day for the family and I don’t know why I felt so proud of him, because almost every kid goes to Kindergarten. Maybe it’s the anticipation and promise I feel, knowing that he is capable of doing and becoming whatever he chooses. It’s just the beginning and it’s exciting, although bittersweet. 07-30-2015

212/365: Friday, July 31st. We had Dexter’s open house for new and returning students. This will be Dexter’s 2nd year in Montessori pre-school but he has a new teacher so we all wanted to meet her prior to the first day. After reading a book with her and checking out all the changes in his classroom, he wasted no time getting back to his favorite place on campus. The playground! Theo also enjoyed playing at his old stompin’ grounds.07-31-2015

213/365: Saturday, August 1st. This was the first weekend in many that we really had no big plans. Saturday was a perfect day – farmer’s market with friends in the morning then laundry & playing at home all day before grilling a super fresh summery dinner. After that we ended our relaxing day with ice cream at the park. The boys were really into helping me prepare dinner, including setting the table. Where did these big, helpful boys come from? They literally set every bit of the table – I was so proud of them, but not nearly as proud as they were of themselves. Thank you Montessori…08-01-2015

214/365: Sunday, August 2nd. Ryan had lots of work to do around the house so I thought the boys and I would get out of his hair for a few hours. I took them to the best children’s museum in all the world. We got there before they opened at 10 – I thought we’d stay til 1 or so. We didn’t leave til about 3:30! The boys were very entertained (and entertaining) and the hours flew by. We had so much fun. I hope they remember special times with only Mommy or just Daddy. Dexter and I are particularly fond of the Chihuly Exhibit-Fireworks of Glass.08-02-2015

215/365: Monday, August 3rd. Another day, another first-day-of-school dry erase board. And another late night, forgotten photo kind of day. 08-03-2015

216/365: Tuesday, August 4th. The first day of Dexter’s last year of pre-school. The first day of the last year of my kids being in pre-school. All kinds of mixed emotions on this one! This year Dexter did not hesitate for one second when I dropped him off. He met up with one of his favorite friends from last year and they were off. The transition back to school for him so far has been seamless. I was worried that he’d have issues with Theo not being there, but so far he has been fine.08-04-2015

217/365: Wednesday, August 5th. An after dinner, before bed coloring sesh with my sweet 4 year old. 08-05-2015Today after school I asked Theo if anyone at school ever tells him he’s cute and he said “yeah.” When I asked him who, he said the name of his teacher. I asked “Oh? What does she say?” He replied, “she says ‘what would I do without you?’ to me.” Cue my heart melting…she told me on the phone yesterday that he is a great helper. I’m so relieved that Kindergarten is off to a fantastic start.





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