catch the moment: wk 41

Another post will come soon with LOTS more photos of our fantastic weekend getaway to Portland, Oregon. Having just been home for 24 hours, I’m still basking in the afterglow of the amazing time we had and all the sights our eyes took in. The mountain and ocean air we breathed. Oregon has always been a place I’d like to visit but it was never on the radar for a family vacation. When my best friend called a couple months ago and told me she and her girlfriend had decided to get married on the Pacific Northwestern coast, the wheels in my mind started spinning. Could I make it work? How could I not? My best friend was getting married and was telling me that she wanted me to be there if I could work it out. Whether it made any logistical sense or not, I knew I had to go. So, it wasn’t easy but we did what we had to do to MAKE it work and guys… I couldn’t imagine not standing there on my friend’s wedding day. The ceremony was short and purely magical. I cried through their vows and felt jitters like it was my own wedding day. The entire weekend was just breathtaking. Can I go back now?

281/365: Thursday, October 8th. Coloring after school…like always. I was running around getting packed and trying to figure out all the last minute stuff for our village of people who agreed and volunteered to help out to make this trip a reality for Ryan and I. 10-08-2015

282/365: Friday, October 9th. A very hectic and stressful week was winding down at work and a getaway couldn’t have come at a better time! My mom got to my house around the time I got home from work. Ryan and I caught a 745pm flight and sitting in the airport was the most relaxed I had felt all week. 10-09-2015

283/365: Saturday, October 10th. After touching down in Portland at 2am Eastern time, we went to bed shortly after arriving at the airbnb that Emily and Lauren had reserved. By shortly, I mean 430am Eastern time. I was TIIIRED. But I woke up with new energy on Saturday. Really early. Pacific time is a rough change. Ryan and I were up early and getting ready to go grab some breakfast when I got a text from Emily asking if I wanted to go for a walk and grab some coffee…talk and catch up before everyone else woke up. How could I turn down an offer like that? It was great to steal the bride-to-be away for a little bit before grabbing brunch with the whole crew of 14 who made the trip out west for the big day. The rest of the day consisted of standing around talking about what we were going to do, walking and using public transport to get around and see downtown, and enjoying a few drinks and yummy local food. 10-10-2015

284/365: Sunday, October 11th. As much fun as we had on Saturday, I was really looking forward to Sunday – hiking day! This is what I had in mind for REALLY seeing Oregon. I only saw a tiny piece of Oregon and it’s gorgeous.


285/365: Monday, October 12th. WEDDING DAY! I let the pros do their job and just tried to enjoy the ceremony for the most part instead of obsessively snapping photos. I have lots more pictures of the coast to share in a separate post. Everything about the day was perfect.10-12-2015

286/365: Tuesday, October 13th. Time to go home. The end of a wonderful {mini} vacation always feels bittersweet. That process of replaying all the cherished moments over and over in my mind so they don’t slip away. Filing them under the “cherished memories” tab in my brain. All of the sweet sadness mixed with the anticipation of getting home to see my boys. The feeling of relief when the plane touches down at “home” and that comforting calm that washes over when I walk through our door. Kissing my boys over and over even though they’re fast asleep. Going to bed 2300 miles away from where I woke up. I love all of it and I’m so thankful for the chance to have been able to make it happen. 10-13-2015

287/365: Wednesday, October 14th. Back to normal life – sort of. Dexter is on fall break this week so he went back to where him and Theo had summer camp. He looked like he was having fun when I picked him up, which was a relief since Theo isn’t on fall break just yet. It was great to just be home and give them baths and cook their dinner, read their bedtime stories and tuck them in. It feels right. 10-14-2015

Okay, hopefully I haven’t blabbed too much about our trip because I still have a lot more to share – a lot more that I want to publish here so I can remember it forever. More photos of one of the prettiest places I’ve seen. Hope you had a beautiful week.