catch the moment: week 17

If you were judging by this post, you’d think we only have one child – Mr. Dexter Jay. I did take pictures of Theo but they just didn’t make the cut this time. Turns out most of the week has revolved around Dexter anyway. He’s been fighting an obnoxious combination of a chronic skin rash and some kind of staph bacteria…they seem to feed off of each other. He scratches the rash and breaks the skin. The staph goes straight to the broken skin and infection sets in. He’s been on several antibiotics in the past 2 months and I’ve lost count of the doctor appointments and follow ups. We ended up in the ER this week and he was admitted for a day to get some strong IV antibiotics for the Cellulitis. What a whirlwind. We are glad to be recovering and out of the hospital now. Thankful it wasn’t worse.

113/365: Thursday, April 23rd. My sweet little babe. I just love his smile. I just want to protect him and keep him healthy and predict the future so that I can prevent this crap from ever happening again. 04-23-2015

114/365: Friday, April 24th. Fun friend dinner night with Layton.04-24-2015

115/365: Saturday, April 25th.  HOLY CRAP there’s a tile backsplash in my kitchen…a day I have been dreaming of for almost 3 years. Now to get it grouted … this week’s fiasco derailed our progress. Layton’s dad came over and spent all day helping Ryan put the natural stone backsplash up and I am obsessed with it. I can see an end in sight to this painstaking kitchen remodel!04-25-2015

116/365: Sunday, April 26th. I had a lot of good photos from Sunday but I couldn’t pass up this photo of yummy tomatoes, cheese, and cilantro that I chopped up for a southwestern pasta salad as the afternoon sun poured in through the kitchen window. Reminds me so much of SUMMER.04-26-2015

117/365: Monday, April 27th. After my class at the gym, I realized I had not taken a picture yet. A beautiful sunset was in progress so I was trying my hardest to get somewhere pretty to get out and take a picture. I discovered that the sun lighting up the trees in the background made for a much prettier picture than the rainbow colored clouds in the sky.04-27-2015

118/365: Tuesday, April 28th. This was the night I noticed that a red spot on the inside of Dexter’s right thigh looked bigger than I remembered it looking the night before. I decided to take him to the doctor the next morning. 04-28-2015

119/365: Wednesday, April 29th. We did make it to the pediatrician at 830 Wednesday morning, but the infection was spreading rapidly and 12 hours later we found ourselves at the children’s hospital ER. As you can see, Dexter was not happy to be there. At this point he was very uncomfortable and desperate for relief. Breaks my heart.04-29-2015If I had to choose a “favorite” from this week of photos (which wasnt’s a bad week up until the last picture you see here), it would have to be Day 113…the B&W of Dexter being silly on our bed. Do you have a favorite?



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catch the moment: week forty-nine

I should really be addressing my Christmas cards tonight so I’m going to try to make this quick. We had a fairly festive weekend, despite 2 of our 4 planned get-togethers being canceled due to puking kids (theirs, not ours). Then one of the children at the 3rd get-together was throwing up after we left.  By Sunday morning, I felt doomed that we would be throwing up by the end of the day. So far, so good…knock on wood!  It’s that time of year.  As I selected and edited my pictures for this week, I realized that I’ve done an extra crappy job of taking photos of my kids lately. I will have to focus on that – it’s just getting hard to get a decent picture of them because it’s almost dark by the time we get home and the lighting is poor inside by then. Add in the fact that they rarely ever stop moving and well, it sucks.  BOO winter!

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337/365 – Wednesday, December 3rd: We always check the mail first thing when we get home.  Theo LOVES to do this and he and Dexter literally race to the mailbox each day. 12-03-14

338/365 – Thursday, December 4th: We got all of our decorations up early this year, thanks to being home over Thanksgiving weekend. Love pulling up to this sight at the end of a work day! Our home looks so cheery and festive this time of year.12-04-14

339/365 – Friday, December 5th. When our play date got canceled, Ryan suggested we go to the YMCA for a free gingerbread building activity. As you can see, it was very busy but also very fun. This was the first time I had ever built one, too! 12-05-14

340/365 – Saturday, December 6th.  Our friends’ sweet 2 month old baby girl at their annual Festivus party. Good grief, she smelled amazing and is the best little cuddler!12-06-14

341/365 – Sunday, December 7th: We celebrated our favorite little 6 year old’s birthday at a gymnastics party. She was over the moon excited and so adorable when we all sang happy birthday to her. She’s officially a big girl with a bunch of friends from school at her party.  And PS, she designed her own cake!  So super cute.12-07-14

342/365 – Monday, December 8th: Playing with bokeh in my poorly lit living room. Ugh. 12-08-14

343/365 – Tuesday, December 9th. After failing to get any decent pics of my kids, I decided to take a picture of Theo’s choice for his ornament this year. I mean, he likes pizza and all but…okay. The randomness on our tree multiplies each year. I’ll have a pretty, themed tree one day. Maybe.  12-09-14

So that’s it for this week – maybe not the best pics ever, but they captured what we’ve been up to and that’s all that matters. I love the sweet little girls and I also love day 338 – our exterior lights at home.  Which picture is your favorite this week?



thankful: 2014

Here we are – it’s already December 1st and what’s new? Not much, just another 11 months that have flown right by. Our tree is up, the temps are down, and winter is upon us.  This Thanksgiving season came and went in a blur, spanning the second half of November.

A couple weekends ago we went to Tennessee to visit my family.  We decided to go early since my sister and her family would be on vacation the entire week of Thanksgiving. While I would have loved to hop in a suitcase and make another trip to sunny Florida, I figured I should probably stay home instead.

My sister’s best friend and her family recently opened their own Froyoz shop so you better believe that was number 2 on our list of places to visit – right after we ate dinner.

IMG_5855 IMG_5856 IMG_5858 IMG_5865 IMG_5866

Saturday (11/15/14) was “Thanksgiving.” It really felt like it all day long.  Lots of yummy food, football, games, and hanging out. I didn’t get the memo about wearing stripes though.IMG_5869 IMG_5885

My mom’s amazingly perfect peanut butter pie. Oh, that meringue. IMG_5897

Of course my kids would be the ones with their mouths full of food in every picture…IMG_5904

Sunday we had to go home after lunch – you’d think we took the boys to the aquarium. They loved the lobster tank at Red Lobster.IMG_5907 IMG_5910 Flash forward 10 or 11 days to the Thanksgiving Day everyone celebrated. My sister-in-law and her husband had to work Friday so we didn’t get together with them. My father-in-law was still recuperating from his knee replacement surgery the week before so we didn’t get together for several days like we normally would.  My in-laws came to our house and I prepared our meal…which was pretty pleasing to my taste buds!  We had crock pot turkey, yeast rolls, broccoli and cauliflower au gratin, hash brown casserole, green bean bundles, peanut butter fudge, toffee chocolate bars, and….IMG_6220 IMG_6221 IMG_6223 IMG_6224

…a nap.IMG_6229 IMG_6234As you can see, I didn’t go out of my way to take loads of pictures.  We actually spent most of Thanksgiving weekend holed up at home, putting up decorations and cleaning. I was sick with a cold so didn’t feel like doing a ton anyway, so it was nice to just have a 4 day weekend to spend at home instead of traveling here and there. It felt great going back to work with all of our laundry and dishes done and house aglow with twinkling lights.  The boys are excited about taking turns with our 2 advent calendars – a traditional felt one and a Lego one they got from their cousin, Spencer.  Just enjoying this time of year and trying to get my shopping done so I can enjoy the days before Christmas this year instead of getting into a complete funk like I did last year.

If you’re still reading all this rambling, thanks, and I hope you had a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend too!