Strawberries & Fire Trucks 2015

Oh, sentimental…that’s how starting this post makes me feel. Why? Because I write this post every year and every year I look back at the years prior. And because this year should be no different, I will comment that I can’t believe how much they’ve grown since our first visit to this festival (and just since last year!).

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I didn’t take tons of pictures this year because my hands were very busy holding a sweet little baby. We noticed a smaller crowd and fewer trucks this year, but we still had a fun time. I was disappointed that Theo and Dexter were not nearly as interested in the helicopter that landed and took off several times; they didn’t even care enough to walk through the heli and sit in the pilot’s seat. Well, poop.

They did enjoy {a little} climbing through the emergency responder vehicles.

pic1Strawberry fest 2015IMG_3396 IMG_3401 IMG_3424 IMG_3426

More than anything, they wanted to play on the playground and eat junk food.IMG_3445

More than anything, I was just interested in staring at Kennedy Noelle, in awe of her cuteness and tiny-ness. Already thinking abut this festival next year and how big she will be.IMG_3452 IMG_3470

Most kids are eating snow cones and this one asks for baked beans. To each his own!IMG_3477 IMG_3479 IMG_3482 IMG_3495  I really hope my boys aren’t already outgrowing the Fire Department’s annual strawberry festival. They were really excited that it was coming up and as it approached, talked about things they remembered from years past. I was so bummed that they weren’t impressed by the helicopter this year.  Staying for the fireworks is a bit of a challenge since they start about 2 hours after the boys are normally in bed. They passed out in the car on the 10 minute car ride home. Sweet buddies.