project 365 (feb 22-mar 6)

Project 365, Days 53-66
53/365:  Toes at dinner time.
54/365: Play time.
55/365: You’re a star.
56/365: Ready for fire.
57/365:  My first Project365 Fail.  No picture was taken on 2/26/12.  Sadface.

58/365: Bathtime sillies.

59/365: a treat for mama.
60/365: Assembly required.
61/365: Finished product.
62/365: Fat cat. 
63/365: Blooming.
64/365: Sunday morning breakfast.
65/365: Chicken cordon bleu. 
66/365: It’s a rough life.  (Our babysitter’s precious 12 day old sweetheart!)
Well, I got a little bit behind this time so this post has more pictures than usual.  I’ve been busy busy busy as a bee with these kids, work, throwing baby showers, meeting new babies, and trying some new recipes.  What have you been up to? 
My little Theo will be 2 on Thursday and I have been so busy, I haven’t had time to cry about how big he’s getting.  (Yet).  
My favorites this week?  I love those toes under the table (day 53) and the boys’ new table (day 61). They just love it and it’s so cute to see Theo sitting there, looking at a book, like the big boy that he is.  
I also love the beautiful flowers (day 63) because they make me feel like Spring is just around the corner.  What’s your favorite picture this week? 
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