fun bonanza: a week in photos

I should probably break this up into at least six separate posts, but eh.  My blog. My rules.

First things first, the boys got haircuts last Tuesday.  It was sort of spur of the moment.  I didn’t realize when I said “use the clippers” that Dexter would be BALD 2 minutes later. Whoops.  I had her use the scissors on the top of Theo’s head.  My boys look so different.

Moving right along.  Friday I took dinner to a friend who had a new baby boy 2 weeks earlier.  Maybe it was partly an excuse to get over there and snuggle up with a cute, squishy newborn.  Maybe it was an excuse to get my boys together with her big boy, who is 7 months younger than Theo and 7 months older than Dexter.  Neato.  🙂 
The boys loved little Parker and had fun playing on Paxton’s cool bunk bed.  We had to get home to clean up the house before my mom rolled into town and were surprised by sweet friends who stopped by with some gifts and pizza for Theo’s belated birthday. Dexter was kind enough to help Theo open his presents.
Somehow I managed to forget all about bringing my camera along with us on Saturday but posted a couple of pictures of the fun things we did on Instagram.  

 We went to the zoo.  I took this picture while Dexter and I were waiting for my mom, Theo, and Ryan to finish looking at icky snakes.  Honestly, it’s so hot in the desert building that I was about to start sweating.  We were fine catching some fresh air and chit chatting about life.  See?  That’s Dexter’s serious face.

After the zoo, we visited Jersey’s Cafe, which Ryan and I had seen featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives 2 years ago or so.   The food was amazing!  I had the Little Egg Harbor Crab Cake sandwich.  Wow.  Just wow.

We stopped by Ashley Home Furniture on the way home to see a bed in person that a friend of mine is selling.  Turns out, we love the bed and are getting it this weekend.  Like it?

Then we went home and talked about how full we still were from our late lunch, played with some cute little boys, and went to bed.  Sunday we revisited one of our favorite places to take the boys in Columbus, Indiana.  I love looking back at the previous times we’ve been there to see how much these bubs have grown!
The first time we went, Dexter was 2 months old and Theo was 16 months old.  
The second time we went, Dexter was 9 months old and Theo was 23 months old.  

This time, Theo was way to old to count his age in months (36) and Dexter was 22 months old.

It never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies. It’s even more painfully obvious when you have young children. I love these two places I’m about to blog about for the THIRD time, but even more I love looking at how much the boys have changed.

We visited the Commons, an amazing and unique indoor playground perfect for cold or rainy days, and an old fashioned soda fountain, Zaharako’s, perfect for ruining any diet.  (P.S. Did you notice my naughty eating habits…Friday pizza & Saturday giant sandwich.  Oh, and a sundae on Sunday.  That splurge meal turned into a splurge weekend…gotta live a little, right?)

This kid was a little tentative about climbing by himself.
Watching his big brother, not too sure what to think.  Nervous face.
Ryan and I both ended up climbing to the top a couple of times.  So much fun (and not a bad workout).
Up the slide…
And down the slide.
 (Ha – I just noticed Ryan & Theo on the big slide in the background!)
my monster.
A step back in time just across the street.
Restored to it’s original glory.  Ridiculously beautiful and equally delicious!
Mom headed back to Tennessee after lunch and we visited Ryan’s parents afterwards since Theo’s been begging to go there for the last week or so.  Monday was uneventful.  That brings us to tonight. 
Oh, you know how it is on a Tuesday night.  Guys’ cards night and everything. Gets a little out of control!