Theo’s third birthday celebration

Can’t believe this was a year ago.  Can’t believe this was two years ago.  Yikes.

Friday morning we started our day with a quick breakfast at McDonald’s.  We’d planned on going to more of a sit-down breakfast place but as usual, it took us longer to get out of the house than we’d hoped.  The boys didn’t mind.

Afterwards, we drove to the Newport Aquarium.  The reason we were hoping to get an earlier start was because we knew the boys would fizzle out after/around lunchtime.  We still got there around 10:40.

One of Theo’s favorite things was this big demonstration tank and the scuba divers.
Dexy liked the alligators and crocs.
He doesn’t really measure up to Mighty Mike.
I can’t help it.  He’s such a dreamboat.
And little Mr. Handsome himself.
Waiting for the lorikeets to get interested in our nectar (they never did).
Theo showing off his little box of tiny critters/souvenirs from the aquarium.
I missed my mid-morning snack and by 1pm when we left the aquarium, I was ready to eat one of my children, poor dears.  Luckily there was the MOST AMAZING THING IN THE WORLD right there by the aquarium called a soup and grilled cheese restaurant.  What I don’t understand is if someone built a restaurant JUST for me, why am I just now finding out about it?  I give you Tom + Chee.  
Playing with new critters while waiting for our cheese. Yum. Cheese.
Heaven in a plastic basket.
Oh, ya know. Just drinking milk out of the carton like I’m in school.
Goofing off at B&N.
I found it really surprising that by this point in the day, Theo still had not mentioned anything about opening presents.  We had decided the night before that we would let him open as many of the ones that we got him and the ones that had been shipped to us from my mom and a friend when he woke up, if he asked.  We didn’t want to make him wait.  Since we ended up being in a hurry, we were relieved.  Finally, around 4pm, after we got to Ryan’s sister’s house in Cincinnati, he asked to open some gifts.  
After we went out to dinner, we came back for cupcakes, more presents, and more Toy Story madness. To say that the boy is obsessed would be an understatement!  
Singing to my boy.
Make a wish!
Dexter was every bit as excited as Theo was.
His wish came true.  Emperor ZURG!
All in all, it was a long, exciting, happy day.  I think Theo got everything he had hoped for and has been playing with his new pals ever since.  We spent the rest of the weekend soaking up family time and playing outside on Sunday in the beautiful weather.  It’s hard to believe my baby boy is already three years old.  I know time’s not going to slow down any time soon.  Boo to that, but cheers to the next year and Dexter’s 2nd birthday coming up in two months.