catch the moment 365: week twenty

Woo! Twenty weeks into this project and still having fun getting to know the people in the Facebook support group for Catch the Moment 365.  Last Thursday (5/15) I went to an Intermediate Photography class at the local library and now I just really want to take something more official.  During the class, I was messing with the many modes and settings on my camera and finally figured out how to change the aperture. Obviously I hadn’t tried very hard before, but adjusting my f-stop and using my new 50 mm 1.8 lens has changed my photos. I’m having a lot of fun playing around but the new lens is really hard to get used to since it doesn’t zoom in or out at all.

Linking up again this week with the lovely ladies hosting the project – Mindi, Sarah, and Stephanie.

Here we go …

134/365: May 14th. Finished cupcake picks for Dexter’s birthday party. (see party post for more).

135/365: May 15th. There’s just something so calming about those rows and rows of unread books. And also overwhelming. I recently have had the desire to get my hands on real, physical books. As someone who hasn’t read regularly since long before she had children, I didn’t even know where to start. Genre? Author? After my photography class, I walked upstairs to peruse and left empty-handed. Anyone got suggestions for quick, fun, interesting reads to get my feet wet again?

136/365: May 16th. Niko.

137/365: May 17th. Birthday party day.

138/365: May 18th. One of my favorite nature shots so far this year. Or ever. This is now my screensaver for my laptop.

139/365: May 19th. Water gun fight in the driveway before dinner. That look on Dexter’s face, oh boy.

140/365: May 20th. Out to dinner. It was late and getting dark and it was cute that Dexter just HAD to take that monkey into the restaurant. I needed a pic and this was the best one I got.
I like this week of pics, but if I had to choose just one, it would definitely be day 138. Dandelions at dusk. Which one do you like best?