a (snowy) day in the life

This week’s bonus challenge for my Catch the Moment 365 project was to capture “a day in the life.” I should probably do a work day, but that’d probably be even MORE boring than a typical weekend day in our lives. It was kind of easy to do the challenge today since we didn’t go anywhere due to the 8 inches of snow that got dumped on us overnight. BOO!

I did this challenge a year ago (HERE) and enjoyed looking back at it. Dexter especially looks so little!


Breakfast…breakfast…what should (can) I fix for breakfast?


Coffee & crayons while waiting for breakfast.aditl02

Blueberry biscuits and chicken sausage.aditl03


Fresh out of the bathtub with some suave looking hair.aditl05

“Dexter, show me your blue eyes.”aditl06

Lord Business. Legos…always Legos. aditl07

Folding laundry and running the vacuum.aditl08

Decorated a little bit for Easter/springtime.aditl09

Found something else to get us in a less snowy state of mind.aditl10

Dexter helped get the cookies ready to bake while I worked on chili for lunch.aditl11

Can’t forget the cheese and crackers.aditl12



Obsessed with letters and numbers.aditl14

More laundry…more folding and putting away.aditl15

Decorating some more for Easter with window decals.aditl16

Time for a little fitness. Ryan and I busted out some Jillian Michaels moves.aditl17

And the boys “watched a show” (jumped, wrestled, yelled, fought, laughed, etc) in our room while we did our 20 minute workout.aditl18

Random tortilla snack. aditl19

And back to coloring.aditl20


Sigh…so much snow. 8″ I think?aditl21

Dinner preppin’.aditl22

Dinner eatin’. Cubed steak & gravy, cheesy spirals, and asparagus. Mmm.aditl23

After dinner jammies and iPad time. More laundry.aditl24

More games, more laundry.aditl25

Lite Brite before bed. aditl26

And that takes us to about 8pm, which is when I started working on this post…don’t worry, you’re not going to miss much. I’m just gonna lay on the couch and watch TV for an hour or two then hit the hay.

This was fun to put together! I know I’ll appreciate seeing the small moments when I look back on this a year from now. Hope you enjoyed your day – and mine!



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