Catch the Moment: Week 16

I love this project. I love it. Sometimes I can’t stand it because I don’t feel like taking pictures. A lot of times I look through my camera and think my pictures suck. Sometimes I get down about my life because we’re too busy or things are confusing or complicated or whatever…I’m learning that all of these adjectives are normal descriptions of life. But, lots of times I put this post together and realize that even though life is busy and stressful, it’s normal and simple and wonderful because the little moments in between the madness make it that way. This project reminds me every week that this life is good. I am lucky to live it.

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106/365: Thursday, April 16th. Suckers for dessert and Batman footie pajamas and his day was made. 04-16-2015

107/365: Friday, April 17th. A pretty day at the park with my boys and my day was made. Perfect ending to the work week. We checked out a summer camp that we LOVED, got slushies from Dairy Queen, and played at the park til dinner time. Bliss.04-17-2015

108/365: Saturday, April 18th. The day the boys had been waiting for… their cousin Spencer’s birthday celebration in Ohio. We had a great time hanging out with family and celebrating a decade of Spence.04-18-2015

109/365: Sunday, April 19th. Our good luck with the weather ran out and we had a very soggy Sunday while heading home from Cincinnati. Didn’t stop Dexter from wearing his shades.04-19-2015

110/365: Monday, April 20th. The boys requested watercolors for their after-school activity while I prepared dinner. Sounds good to me!04-20-2015

111/365: Tuesday, April 21st. The biggest, prettiest, juiciest strawberries I’ve seen since last year. Summer’s coming, y’all!04-21-2015

112/365: Wednesday, April 22nd. Finally…the day I had been dreading. Kindergarten registration. I have been able to live in denial that my first born is no longer a baby but that dream kind of died today when we registered him for school. He is not apprehensive at all and I have full confidence in his academic ability. I’m glad he’s excited. It’s definitely a new phase, a big transition. I have a lot of mixed emotions about it, as with any big milestone. It’s bittersweet being a parent sometimes. Okay, like 90% of the time. It’s impossible not to be happy for him – his excitement is contagious.04-22-2015Scrolling through these photos makes me smile over and over. I am already looking forward to making my Catch the Moment 2015 photo book at the end of the year. 🙂



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