Catch the Moment: Wk. 20

Shew, it’s been hard adjusting to LAD. You know, Life After Disney. We were back less than 2 days when Theo got sick and gave us a little scare. I have never seen him like that – he laid in bed for 2 days straight, barely eating or drinking. He got pretty dehydrated (according to the doctor) and the threat of going to the hospital to get an IV was all he needed to start chugging liquids and gradually recovering. Both boys felt fantastic in Florida and now that we’re home, they are both coughing a junky, gross sounding cough. Dang allergies. Seems like a sign to me – back to Florida we shall go!

134/365: Thursday, May 14th. This is the day that the Disney blues reeeally start setting in. The last day of vacation is so bittersweet. You don’t want to waste it away, but it’s hard to stop thinking about how it’s almost over. After a lot of debate, we decided to go back to Hollywood Studios for our last day.05-14-2015

135/365: Friday, May 15th. Airport blues. Just Ryan and I…the boys were more than ready to get home, see their toys, their cats, and sleep in their own beds.05-15-2015

136/365: Saturday, May 16th. Happy to be home, back in their routine. Coloring & writing for days.05-16-2015

137/365: Sunday, May 17th. First time drinking coffee out of my cute new Hollywood Studios mug!05-17-2015

138/365: Monday, May 18th. Dexter’s 4 year check up after school. Everything went okay – we talked about his skin issues and didn’t come up with any solutions other than to keep the follow up appointment with his dermatologist next week and see what she thinks we should do from here.05-18-2015

139/365: Tuesday, May 19th. Lame mom award goes to… Yeah. Pinsecurity (see what I did there) consumed me as Dexter and I picked out mini cupcakes at Target for his birthday celebration at school the next day. Sorry, this lady ran out of time and energy to whip up something magical between dealing with a sick kid and working late every night.05-19-2015

140/365: Wednesday, May 20th. As if it wasn’t bad enough that I failed to make a homemade treat, I also completely forgot that I was supposed to bring a picture from each year of Dexter’s life to his celebration at school. Not like I meant to do it and it slipped my mind – more like it never even occurred to me, although I did this for both of Theo’s birthday celebration. He may or may not know the difference but the mom-guilt I’m trudging through is pretty deep. Bad, bad mom.05-20-2015I love Dexter’s little expression here on day 140 at his school celebration. He was so serious! He’s like me, not a fan of being the center of attention but appreciated that it was a special day for him. Which picture is your favorite this week?

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This week has not gone as I had expected so far, but I will begin my Disney trip recaps soon! Time just keeps slipping out of my hands.




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